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The challenge of replacing good with great

Posted by on in Internet Marketing
By / Thursday, July 24 2014

Seogon operates on a set of core fundamental values, these include:

- Integrity

- Honesty

- Caring

- Strong Customer Service

These values are the roots of our tree, everything else above the roots grow over the span of a relationship.  That relationship can be with an employee, and ex employee, or most especially our clients.

The problem when it arises which is rare for our company is how to handle it.  At Seogon we continue to display our values to every open window on the internet that we can, however when the great constitution of the United States was written about freedom of speech, they could have never known that the overwhelming growth challenges ahead with the communication paradigm that we live within now would explode with myspace, facebook, twitter, linked in and the other hundreds of popular social media outlets.


One recommendation I have for anyone running a company know this with the massive exponential growth of the internet, what you say online will live there forever.

Great ways to keep relationships strong when a client or ex client, or even an ex employee attempts to lash out, go back to your core values and make sure everyone knows and remembers why your company is growing everyday.  In addition lets the disgruntled situation know you apologize for anything that may have offended them.

Then proactively reach out to all of your clients and employees that are current and remind them of those values, it just helps folks understand we are on the same growth path together.

Lastly in this exponentially exploding communication time we are going through remember the internet is your new resume, what you say can be held against you when looking for a replacement company or perhaps an employee that may attempt to lash out.  With unemployment high across the United States, finding good clients or employees has never been more challenging because it is hard to find the gap between good and great!

Maybe its just a bad day, or stress and angst have grown, just remember relationship are built over time and if you leave that growth of that relationship on bad terms you wasted a lot of potential future opportunities out to float for the eyeballs online for interpretation..............

Most interpret  the lash out was always and still is a weak link that went against a strong company like yours built on great core fundamental values

At Seogon we help companies fight against the review world online and help them earn solid credibility especially if the reviews are for no positive reason at all.

Good luck to you all, and remember Seogon cares about you or anyone reading this.  


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  • Guest
    Jennifer Friday, July 25 2014 · Delete

    If you have to write a post like this, you probably have done something wrong and are trying to sweep it under the rug.

  • Guest
    TSCollier Friday, July 25 2014 · Delete

    So was it honesty or integrity...or perhaps ethics which you neglected to mention...that moved you to slap someone else's name on previously credited work? Is that what it means to you to take good and make it great? You might also want to Google "disgruntled employee" as that does not refer to an employee who parted ways on friendly terms. What you have done is dishonest and certainly calls into question this company's so-called integrity. (PS: You cannot block me from viewing your site from the entire Internet. This too doesn't exactly scream integrity but rather that you have something to hide.)

  • Guest
    Kat Monday, July 28 2014 · Delete

    I think what's most embarrassing about this post is the number of punctuation and grammatical errors. As an SEO company, content creation should be your bread and butter. One would expect the content you create to be free of sooo many errors.

  • Guest
    Sarah Thursday, July 31 2014 · Delete

    The grammar and punctuation in this article is atrocious! Kindly correct the article and resubmit it so people can understand it.

  • Guest
    Kathryn Tuesday, August 05 2014 · Delete

    Huh???? This blog makes zero sense! Sounds like you are trying to hide something. And you people claim to do online marketing? What a joke!!!!!

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