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Some of the Do's and Don'ts of Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Posted by on in Internet Marketing
By / Monday, January 13 2014

b2ap3_thumbnail_DoDont.jpgWhether you love it or you hate it, social media marketing is here to stay. It is something that has made such an impact in the marketing world, especially for businesses, and it is something that isn't going away anytime soon. So we are all stuck with it, and all have to be open-minded in putting social media within your marketing plans. 

Well from what I have seen myself, many business owners can become a little overwhelmed with social media. They aren't sure on how to tackle it properly. It is a rather overwhelming process to say the least. There are so many different social media outlets out there, most people aren't sure which ones are the best for their business. While that can be easily determined, coming up with your strategy is the tricky part as well. There are many simple do's and don'ts that people can follow to get a jump start on their strategy. 


1. DO have a plan before you start: Make sure you know what social outlets you are going to use, how frequent you are going to be posting, what kind of content you want to post, who will be posting, and so on. Having a well-drawn out plan will make everything so much simpler and less hectic. 

2. DO create measurable goals: Here you can create goals such as, increasing fan or follower base, driving traffic to your website, reaching new clients, etc. Having measurable goals that everyone is on the same page with will only help to encourage and motivate everyone to reach these goals. 

3. DO give great content: Putting out informative, interesting, and engaging content is what people like to see. Putting out something that is for lack of a better word "crappy", will only make you lose following. You need to put out great content that people will want to share. 

4. DO be engaging: Be sure to communicate with your network regularly. If someone asks a question on any social media platform, ANSWER IT! This is what both existing and potentially new clients/customers like to see. It makes your business seem more personable, and it also shows that you care. 

5. DO be consistent: This is huge! Posting regularly is necessary with being consistent in your social media strategy. Also, be sure to keep your message on target, and stick to your brand! It is important that all your posts are related to your business. Yes a cute picture of your dog is great to post on your personal page, but leave it there. Your customers aren't too interested in what your dog Fluffy is doing this week. 


1. DON'T try and sell people: This is where the 80/20 rule comes into play. 80% of your posted content should be interesting and shareable content. Relate this content to your customers. Write or share something that your customers or clients would be interested in. Only 20% of your content should be sales related (things such as coupons, discounts, etc.). You don't want to push your brand down people's throat, it will only make them uninterested. 

2. DON'T rely on one network: As stated earlier, there are a lot of social media sites out there. Don't rely on just one. Try out a number of them, and see which ones you like the best, and which ones work best for your business. All the social media sites out there all have their different strengths and weaknesses. Find out which ones would work the best for you. 

3. DON'T be pushy: No one likes a pushy person in real life, and most likely you will not like them online either. For the most part, people don't respond well to pushiness. So beware of that. Again don't shove your brand down people's throat - they won't respond to it well. 

4. DON'T spam social sites: This one is pretty straight forward! No one really likes spam, so don't do it. You will lose a following, but will also lose some sort of credibility. Build your following naturally and you will see better results in the end. 

5. DON'T forget to thank people: At a young age we are all taught about using the words "please" and "thank you". A simple thank you goes a long way. If someone shares your content, thank them. If someone has something great to say about your brand, thank them. In the long run it makes you look personable and appreciative. 

Although these might be simple do's and don'ts, a lot of the times they are forgotten. So with applying these to your social strategy, you can be successful in your social media efforts. 



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  • Guest
    Daisy Bono Wednesday, January 29 2014 · Delete

    Awesome tips. You were right about being pushy. People don't like being pushed to hard on trying this and that, so its definitely a no-no in online marketing. Very useful especially for newbie marketers. Thanks for the share!

  • Guest
    Megan Stiffey Wednesday, January 29 2014 · Delete

    Daisy! Glad you enjoyed the article and found it to be very helpful! That is what we love to hear!

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