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You Have A New Twitter Account…Now What?

Posted by on in Internet Marketing
By / Monday, March 31 2014


twitterI remember when I first started my Twitter account (@SueCollier) back in 2008 (Twitter was launched in 2006). I knew others in my industry—the publishing industry back then—who had taken the plunge, and I suspected it was something I should be involved with, but I really didn’t understand it very well. Finally, I decided I would just create an account and check it out. I did so, and started randomly following other “tweeps.” My followers grew from zero to a trickle pretty quickly. I was pretty excited but still clueless as to how to move beyond that.

Back then, the thing many people did was to start using directories that claimed they would help you find followers, but after checking it out, I intuitively realized it wasn’t the right approach. I wasn’t looking for random accounts to follow just so they would follow me back; I wanted targeted people to follow me. People who were in my industry and people who were interested in my services. People who would find my tweets useful—and vice versa. So I started looking closely at exactly who I was following, and tried to figure out a way to get those people to follow me back.

So I began tweeting news I found useful. Lo and behold, others found my news interesting and they shared it with their followers (called a “retweet”). I soon saw my follower list start to climb. The more good information I shared, the more people started to follow me. Of course, it was inevitable that some people followed me just because they were looking for numbers, but there began a trend where the people who followed me were people who actually wanted to know what I had to say.

My next goal was to get in front of authors who were following other book marketing experts (my publishing blog focused on book marketing at that time) but had no idea I or my blog even existed. So I had to figure out a way for these experts to start noticing me—and to start putting me in front of their followers. I figured the best way was to bring value to the experts, and I started tweeting about their articles, posts, and books. The next thing you know, they were retweeting my tweets to their followers.

In a nutshell, here’s the process that worked for me:

1. Start tweeting useful information about things your targeted audience wants to read and see.

2. When you tweet someone's post, use their Twitter handle instead of their name. It will improve the chances that they will see it—and hopefully retweet it.

3. Follow people you really find interesting and watch for their tweets. Retweet what you find useful or interesting.

4. Tweet the title or subject of every blog post you write, whether it’s on your blog or on another person's blog as a guest post

5. Make sure that the balance of your tweets are heavily in favor of providing useful content over promotional tweets.

Do these things consistently and watch your network—and your business—grow. Or give us a call here at Seogon, and we’ll launch an in-depth social media campaign for you. .



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