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Get a Google+ Personalized URL Without Extra Numbers

Posted by on in Internet Marketing
By / Tuesday, January 14 2014


If Google+ made you add on a number or some letters to your personalized Google+ URL, and you agreed, you may have jumped the gun a bit too early!

When Google+ released earlier this year custom Google+ URL's to the masses, you may have had the option to get your but with the stipulation that you add a few numbers or letters to make it unique. This may have come as a shock to your business name is pretty unique and you thought "there's no way someone else has this name already". Well, that may have been the case.

Recently I ran into the same situation where Google+ was forcing a business page to add a number after the name. Searching it didn't pull up another page, so at least the name without the numbers wasn't taken.

If you're prompted to add a number or letter to the end of your Google+ URL, WAIT! Don't do it just yet!

It may be that you don't have enough followers, or you aren't as active, as someone with a very similar name. This could be a variant including plurals and additions in the business name.

Steps to get your Google+ Custom URL without extra numbers

  1. Start trying to get more followers. Send to your friends, family and co-workers!
  2. Start posting daily to your page.
  3. Make sure your website is linked to your Google+ profile (with reciprocal links)
  4. Come back to your page as the admin occasionally and click on "Claim Google+ URL", you might see that the option without numbers or letters is now magically there!

Prove to Google that YOUR PAGE has the rights to that name by being active and having more followers than the next business with a similar name.

Good luck getting your Google+ Custom URL to match your branding and business name exactly! If you have any questions, please comment!






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  • Guest
    Mudpuppy Friday, January 17 2014

    I was offered a custom Google+ URL, but since I don't get text messages on my cell, I haven't been able to claim it. Any ideas on how I can claim my custom Google+ URL without SMS?

  • Taylor Vowell
    Taylor Vowell Friday, January 17 2014

    Hi Mudpuppy, if you are logged in as the page administrator, navigate to your Google+ page. When prompted, click on "Manage this page" that normally appears in a blue bar at the top of the page. Once managing the page, you should be prompted in a black bar on top of the page to claim your Google+ custom URL.

    If that does not show up, while you are on your Google+ page click on the "About" tab on your Profile, then click the "Get URL" link located under your Google+ URL.

    Hope that helps!

  • Guest
    Tommy Saturday, January 18 2014

    Any idea how many +1s are needed to get it without the extra letters or numbers?

  • Taylor Vowell
    Taylor Vowell Monday, January 20 2014

    Hi Tommy,

    There is no exact number as Google is using a hidden algorithm to determine the likelihood that you are in fact the correct page to give the custom URL to. With the example described in this post, it actually only took 3 more +1's to the page, from 1, to get the custom URL without the numbers.

    Google, however, when launching the custom URL's, gave the option to those with 20 or more +1's.

    My recommendation would be to try and get as many +1's as possible, make sure your page is verified and connected to your website (it probably helps that your website URL, title and information all reflect the same name you have on your Google+ business page), then revisit your management section and see if the claim URL page has changed.

  • Guest
    L7 World Saturday, February 01 2014

    I have this problem too.
    Lots of post, verified website and YouTube with same name but I guess do not have enough +1s
    so instead of
    I got:

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