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Google to make a Smart Contact Lens

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By / Friday, January 17 2014


Do you think that Google Glass looks a little too nerdy?  How about Google Soft Contact Lenses?

Just announced, Google to make a smart contact lens.  The initial plan for the Google soft contact lens is to use sensors to measure the glucose levels in tears with the goal to better diagnose and treat diabetes.

Still just in prototype phase, the sensors and chips on the lens are mounted in a small plastic-like film.  So far, Google has said, that it can get a level reading once every second. 

With over 35 million Americans with diabetes, this could be a great invention that can help many people.  

Google Smart Contact Lense


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    Randall Lunt Friday, January 17 2014 · Delete

    Already there are robotic/metal pieces that can be placed into or next to most organs (cochlear implant, braces, pacemaker, artificial hip), so it's only a matter of time till more and more of them arrive.

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